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MessageSujet: #. ALLYSSE   #. ALLYSSE EmptyJeu 10 Juil - 9:44

What you got?

I will record sounds from my environment in the hope to gain an understanding of the practice of sound recording and get familiar with my portable recorder.

Sound recording is something very new to me. I don't have much clues on how it works and I'm hoping that with this project I'll be able to learn more through my mistakes (I am assuming I'll make a lot in those 100 days). I might even be able to get some sort of coherent audio tracks at the end and/or have created several audioslideshow.
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MessageSujet: Re: #. ALLYSSE   #. ALLYSSE EmptyVen 11 Juil - 16:22

  • Day 001: Sound of the rain falling on tree leaves (high up and lower down: from the kitchen and from under the tree)
  • Day 002: A sunny Saturday afternoon in the park (gauging how much is being picked up from a distance)
  • Day 003: Emma improvising on an iPad piano (I love how instinctively music comes for her)
  • Day 004: The wind in the leaves in my garden, the gentle lull of the cars, the clicking of my camera (will I recognise/hear the sound when I'll extract them)
  • Day 005: Writing on the computer (Jeroen and Claire apparently met in a cemetery. How to make them meet again?)
  • Day 006: Cooking veggies in my wok with olive oil (spliiiiisssshhhhh)
  • Day 007: Water sounds by the New River with a little help from my left hand (cool shade for a refreshing lunch)
  • Day 008: Biscuit plastic wrapper (and the last remnants of my Reims pink biscuits are gone)
  • Day 009: Sainsbury's check-out noise (blip, blip... Fairy cakes and football decorations for Mark's birthday)
  • Day 010: The kitchen curtain going up and down, up and down (I have to record something)
  • Day 011: Brushing my teeth (how does it actually sounds like from an external source)
  • Day 012: Abandoned Christmas toy singing a broken song (jingle bells, jingle bells...)
  • Day 013: The lift leading me away from HR (lift going down. Ting!)
  • Day 014: Ducks passing by and my feet going up and down a metal staircase (I am going to miss those lunches by the river)
  • Day 015: A spoon twirling around the dishes (waiting for Emma to come home)
  • Day 016: Crickets and a dog barking (hiking and summertime, I do love you)
  • Day 017: Emma whisking cream to go along my (not gluten-free) clafouti (could I really make this my life?)
  • Day 018: Spinning of my Brommie back wheel (who knew there is an art to inflating your inner tube?)
  • Day 019: Aduki beans falling into a ceramic bowl and a plastic bowl and the ceramic bowl and the plastic bowl and the... (ting, ting, ting, ting, ting)
  • Day 020: The kettle boiling (I am falling in love with green tea now that I know how not to make it)
  • Day 021: to check
  • Day 022: Jess singing (Bang bang he shot me down, bang bang I hit the ground, bang bang my baby shot me down)
  • Day 023: Nada (fail but then Harry Potter is more important)
  • Day 024: Talking away (love, love, love)
  • Day 025: Microwave buzzing and ticking (Idian food again!)
  • Day 026: Shuffling pages from books (Enfield Town was keeping my reserves nice and cool)
  • Day 027: Air con + swinging door (keeping memories of Palmers Green Library)
  • Day 028: Drumming my hands against the table (oh how I miss you Bering and Wells)
  • Day 029: Wind and plane passing by (Bertha fighting off the Heathrow planes)
  • Day 030: My arms rubbing against the fabric of my trousers (it is interesting all the sounds I'm randomly starting to pick up)
  • Day 031: Taking the batteries cover out and putting it back in (running low on power)
  • Day 032: Running water (dishes, dishes and more dishes)
  • Day 033: Writing with a permanent pen on paper (list of things to do)
  • Day 034: Train going past in the distance (just caught it right on time)
  • Day 035: Blowing in a glass bottle and drumming onto it (Sunday stroll from Kew to Mortlake)
  • Day 036: Sliding a music CD into my Mac (Mordred's tears in his wound do sting. To Arthur in his arms he sings 'You're the Once and Future King')
  • Day 037: Setting up the ring tones of my new work phone (checking Twitter at work has just become really easy)
  • Day 038: The birds chorus of the morning (I'm going to miss you all)
  • Day 039: Rising my mouth with mouthwash (all fresh and minty)
  • Day 040: The sea, the wind, the waves (the end lands with abrubt white cliffs)
  • Day 041: ???
  • Day 042: ???
  • Day 043: The lid of my saucepan jiggling about as water boiled (I really need a new kettle)
  • Day 044: Typing away on my iPad (sea and lands apart)
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